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Druing pregnancy women will probably experience a thicker head of hair. This is because over these nine months each hair on your head grows for a longer time meaning you lose less hair than you would normally do on an average day. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women seem to look so healthy and blooming.

However, the downside to this is after you give birth your hair your hair quickly reverts to its old cycle which often results in a sudden loss of a significant amount of hair. Some women escape this post birth side effect but other women lose hair in handfuls. Of course this is only temporary, but that doesn't lessen the worry and for some people the trauma. So what can you do to limit the hair you will lose and what can you do to make it grow back quicker?

- don't go on a diet. Of course you want to lose weight but dieting immediately after giving birth will simply slow down your recovery period including that of your hair.

- eat foods high in zinc, iron, amino acids and vitamin B; all of which are essentially for healthy hair. It also helps to eat regularly. Smaller meals several times a day is better for your hair and body as a whole than a couple of big meals several hours apart.

- wash you hair regularly. The washing process not only cleans your hair and scalp but it actively encourages healthier looking hair. However, always use as mild a shampoo as possible. Even today's advanced products contain levels of chemicals which can eventually damage your hair.

- limit your use of hair dryers, straighteners and other heated appliances. Drying out your hair or subjecting it to intense heat is not a recipe for a shiny, full head of hair. If you must use such appliances remember to use the lowest heat possible and utilize any protective products available.

- try to avoid colouring or perming. These treatments should be used carefully at the best of times because of the potential damage they can cause. However, when you are trying to keep as much hair as you can and encourage rapid new growth, they shouldn't really be contemplated.

- remember your hair is susceptible to the weather just like your skin. It's all too easy to forget about your hair when it comes to the sun, wind and cold. But all of these will strip your hair of essential nutrients. Wear a hat and help your hair.

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