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You can have gender selection for medical reasons on the NHS. However, not all Primary Care Trusts provide funding for the treatment, and those that do, can have lengthy waiting lists.

Fortunately, sex selection is available at many private fertility clinics throughout the UK. However, once again, treatment will only be provided in cases where there is a genuine medical reason for the procedure. Treatment will not be offered to couples who would simply prefer to have a boy rather than a girl, or vice versa.

If you do have a medical reason for gender selection, private UK clinics can use Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to help identify sex-linked genetic defects, and therefore increase your chances of having a healthy baby. Prices vary from clinic to clinic, but expect to pay in the region of £6,000 - £9,000 per treatment cycle for PGD and IVF. One of the best clinics in the UK is The Bridge Centre in London which has a terrific reputation for specialist fertility care.

As well as private clinics, you can have gender selection at a number of NHS hospitals on a private basis. For example, PGD treatment at the excellent Guy's and St Thomas Hospital in London costs just over £6,000.

You can also have gender selection at any number of fertility clinics in other counties around the world. In territories such as Mexico or the United States, gender selection is offered even in cases where there is no medical reason for the treatment. This has led many UK couples to travel aboard in order to choose the sex of their baby.

If you are thinking of travelling abroad for baby gender selection, it's imperative to only use the most recognised and well regarded clinics. The Fertility Institutes clinic in Los Angeles, run by Doctor Jeffrey Steinberg is one of the best in California. They offer a complete sex selection and IVF process for £25,000-£30,000. The Genetics and IVF Institute is another reputable clinic in the United States. They provide gender selection through the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and/or MicroSort® sperm separation.

There are of course many moral issues relating to baby gender selection, particularly when it's for non-medical reasons. However, these are clearly for the individual to address. Everybody is entitled to form their own opinion. Gender selection may horrify some people but not everyone in the world share the same set of beliefs.

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