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Breastfeeding your newborn baby can be a wonderful experience. However, sometimes it can be anything but. Mothers can encounter many problems trying to feed their baby the way nature intended. The three main complaints are:

1. A blocked milk duct

When one of the small milk ducts in the breast becomes blocked it causes a hard, painful lump. This problem can be exacerbated by an ill fitting bra or through rough treatment of the breast area during feeding or sex. Usually, you can help unblock these ducts by taking a hot bath and gently massaging the area. However, in some cases the duct can become infected; a state commonly known as mastitis. When this happens, the woman will develop flu like symptoms and if left untreated it can lead to an abscess of the breast. Antibiotics can effectively treat this disorder. The vital thing to remember is to see you doctor right away.

2. Leaking breasts

This may seem like a trivial matter but for example if a woman wants to get back to work, she doesn't want milk pouring from her breasts during a meeting with her boss. Usually, this uncontrollable leakage only occurs in the weeks following the birth. However, sometimes it can continue well into a second month. The best way to get on with your life without worry or accidents is to use breast pads which slip into your bra. These subtle products will absorb a sizeable amount of milk but you must make sure you change them regularly.

3. Sore nipples

If you develop sore nipples it usually means you haven't been breastfeeding your baby properly. The baby must take the whole areola into her mouth when feeding. If she just takes the nipple she will invariably suck your breast rather than milk it and you will be left with red, tender nipples. It also important to dry your nipples thoroughly and if possible expose your nipples to the air (i.e. Don't wear a bra or top) for a couple of hours a day.

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