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Some men struggle to make the transition from normal man to father. But in most cases if you ask them if they're having problems they'll tell you that everything's fine. Many men would rather walk over hot coals than admit to finding it hard to cope. So how can you help? Offer him support whether he wants it or not. The following are six great tips you can give him for adjusting to fatherhood.

- tell him not to be surprised if he feels depressed. Post-natal depression is not excusive to women. Many men feel incredibly down after their baby is born just like women.

- reassure him that he wont hurt the baby. Men can be overawed by the size and apparent delicacy of a new baby and as a result avoid the little one like the plague.

- tell him not to be afraid to ask for help if he's left alone with the baby. Often male pride will stop him from seeking outside help when in fact phoning the doctor or midwife is the right thing to do.

- involve him in all aspects of the babies life whether it's feeding, changing or just holding the baby. Constant interaction with the baby will help him adjust.

- talk to him about your fears and anxieties. He may think that you're coping with everything without any difficulty which only makes him feel worse about his own doubts. Once he realizes that you're a bag of nerves too he will feel much better.

- reassure him that everything takes time. Some men expect to feel like a father as soon a the baby is born. But in most cases it just doesn't happen like that. You have to work at it - a process which makes the moment of realization all the more rewarding.

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