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Most NHS hospital and private fertility clinics have their own egg donor programs for IVF treatment. This allows them to provide fertility treatment to women who are unable to produce their own eggs.

The quality of egg donor problems will vary considerable from clinics to clinic and from hospital to hospital. Some clinics will have access to considerably more, and better quality, eggs. Finding an egg donor to match your required characteristics such as ethnicity can be difficult, particularly on the NHS. This is why so many couples choose to pay for IVF egg donation treatment at a private clinic.

The UK currently has a shortage of suitable eggs for egg donation IVF treatment. Both NHS hospital and private clinics are struggling to maintain a healthy donor program. This had led the The Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to review the current level of remuneration available to egg donors in the UK, which stands at 250 per donation for reasonable expenses and loss of earnings. The figure is expected to be increased significantly in 2011 to encourage women to donate their eggs to donor programs.

In the UK, donor programs used to be entirely anonymous but since 2005, any child born from donated eggs or sperm may request identifying information about their donor when they turn eighteen years of age. This is certainly something to consider if you are contemplating donating your eggs in the UK.

As well as standard egg donor programs, you will also find a several egg sharing schemes at clinics throughout the UK. Egg sharing is a good way for infertile couples who are prepared to share some of their eggs, to significantly reduce the cost of their own IVF treatment.

You will also find a number of egg donor programs in various counties around the world. Although the standards of care and treatment can very high, particularity in the United States, the costs of treatment are not much lower than those found in the UK. Indeed, in many U.S. clinics, IVF egg donation is up to twice the price of treatment in the UK.

What does egg donation with IVF actually involve?

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