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The success rates of egg donation fertility treatment are said to be in the region of 45% to 50%. This rate has gradually increased over the last twenty years from a figure of around 20%. Egg donation is now so successful that for women above the age of 40, the chances of conceiving with a donor egg is five greater than with their own eggs.

However, the success of egg donation fertility treatment will vary considerably from case to case. Just because one couple has a 50% chance of success, doesn't mean the next couple will have a similar chance of a positive outcome. Indeed, your likelihood of successful treatment could be more than ten times greater or less than the next couple.

Success rates of egg donation fertility treatment depend on three main factors:

Donor's age - there is evidence to suggest that the younger the egg donor, the higher the chances of successful treatment. Most clinics only accept donor eggs from women under the age of 35. Many prefer prospective donors to be under the age of 33.

Recipient's health - the healthier the egg recipient is, particularly in terms of her uterus, the better the chance of a successful outcome. An unhealthy uterus can improved before implantation but it may still impact on the chances of success.

Number of embryos transferred - the more fertilised eggs implanted into the recipient, the great chance she has of having a successful pregnant. Research indicates that transferring two embryos can improves success rates by up to 10%, and that by implanting three embryos the chances of success increase by 20%.

However, the implantation of multiple embryos increases the risk of multiple births. Although twins and triplets are very popular at the moment, multiple pregnancies carry a significantly higher risk of complications. A single birth is always preferable.

What does egg donation with IVF actually involve?

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