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What can I do to help stop my baby crying all the time?

All babies cry and all mothers have to deal with it. Some women take it in their stride but others can be greatly affected by their little one's tears.

Babies cry for a reason, whether it be hunger, boredom or discomfort. If you address that reason quickly and effectively the tears should stop. However, there are other steps you can take to help bring those tears to an end...

Read those tears away
Babies take great comfort from the sound of their mother's voice. Reading a story, newspaper or even the ingredients on the side of a packet of corn flakes, can help relax your baby. If you really wanted to give your baby a treat and firmly send those tears away, sing her a song. She'll love it.

Even at a few months old, a baby has the ability to pick up on her mother's mood. If you're tense or uptight about your baby crying, you'll just make matters worse. Relax, stroke her gently and talk to her softly. If you're calm, she will soon be too,

Different sounds and noises can quickly bring an end to those tears. Some babies enjoy a rhythmical sound like the washing machine going round or the ticking of a grandfather clock. The noise of the hoover or the sound of a car engine are also known to help relax stressed babies.

Keep on rocking
Gently rocking your baby can work wonders in relaxing your baby and helping to stop those tears. One motion every second is believed to be the optimum rocking speed to calm a distressed child.

Stay calm
Crying is the only way a baby has to communicate. It's therefore perfectly natural for your little one to cry. It's simply her way of telling you that she wants something or someone. So stay calm and try to figure out what she wants to say.

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