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Do I need to buy a travel cot bed or are there better alternatives?

The first question to ask yourself about a travel cot is do you really need one? It's easy to get a little carried away when you're pregnant and buy just about everything you see in Mothercare.

Generally, you only really need a travel cot if you'll be spending regular nights in cot-free homes. Most travel cots are used once or twice, and spend the rest of their lives taking up room in a cupboard.

But for some people travel cots can be worth their weight in gold. They give you the freedom to stay wherever you like without the worry of where your little one will sleep.

When buying a travel cot give consideration to the shape, size and weight of the cot. Some are huge and weigh a tonne, whereas others are small and lightweight.

It's also important to check how collapsible the cot is. Travel cots spend most of their lives stored away so it's better to choose a model that can be fully collapsed so as to take up less room.

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