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What kind of baby toys or mobiles are best for a cot or cotbed?

The two main purposes of cot toys are to stimulate your baby and to help her to get to sleep. These main seem mutually exclusive but we all know how often stimulation is followed by a nice snooze.

There are a wide variety of cotbed toys to choose from. Some basic toys cost as little as 5, whereas all singing and dancing versions can be well over 50.

The most common type of cot toy is a sound or music playing mobile. Remember, this will be played hundreds of times during your little ones first couple of years so choose a melody that you won't grow tired of.

Some cotbed mobiles incorporate lights to further stimulate your baby. As your baby's eyesight develops, she can become fascinated by flashing colours.

If you are happy to spend a fair amount on a cot toy, you could try one with voice activation. When your baby cries, the mobile automatically turns itself on to comfort her.

But whichever type of cotbed toy you are thinking about buying, you must first consider safety. Always choose specially designed cot toys, preferably bearing the Lion Mark, indicating a high level of safety.

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