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Should I buy a quilt for my baby's cot or is there a risk of overheating?

A nice quilt can really make a bed look pretty. So it's tempting to buy one for your new baby's cot or cotbed as soon as she arrives.

However, you must wait until your baby is at least twelve months old before laying her down with a quilt. Your baby can overheat very quickly, and struggle to move tremendously well, particularly when there's something heavier than a sheet or blanket on top of them.

By a year old, a baby is able to regulate her temperature more effectively, and can do something about it if she feels hot. She is also much less likely to suffocate under her bedding.

When your baby does reach twelve months, a baby quilt is perfectly safe to use in her cot. Most quilts have a tog rating of 10 to 12 which is ideal for your little one. Any higher and she is liable to get too hot.

Of course, a cotbed quilt is far from an essential purchase. It's just as safe, warm and practical to continue to use a combination of sheets and blankets.

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