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Do I really need a mattress protector for my baby's cot or cotbed?

Buying a mattress protector for your baby's cot can seem like another unnecessary expense. But most mothers will testify that they're worth every penny.

The most obvious benefit of a mattress protector is that it helps prolong the life of the mattress whilst keeping it free from germs, dust mites and bacteria.

But just as importantly, a cotbed mattress protector prevents another job being adding to a mother's long list of things to do. Babies and toddlers are messy little devils. Pee, poo and vomit come out of them at incredible rates. The last thing you want to be doing is scrubbing your baby's mattress every other night.

Cot bed mattresses vary in price but expect to pay in the region of 15 to 20 on the high street, perhaps a little less online. However, many baby mattress now come with a free protector to keep the pee, poo and bugs and bay.

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