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What style of cot or cotbed should I buy for my baby's new nursery?

The first decision to make when buying a bed for your baby's nursery is whether to go for a cot or a cotbed. This is a purely personal choice as both have advantages and disadvantages.

Cots tend to be cheaper and will take up less room in your nursery then cot beds. However, your little one will grow out of it before you know it, so you will need to buy a small bed after eighteen months or so.

Cotbeds, on the other hand, may be a little more expensive but they will see your child through to age five or six.

Both cots and cotbeds often come with a number of beneficial design features. Many have drop sides which can be lowered to make it easier to pick up and put down your little one.

Some cots have a variable height base allowing you to adjust the height of the mattress as your baby grows. Cotbeds may also feature under-cot storage which can be a godsend in a small nursery.

And finally, most cots have teething rails to prevent your little one from chewing on the wooden rails when her little teeth start coming through.

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