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What are the the best mattresses for my baby's cot, and how much are typical prices?

There are several different types of cotbed mattress available today. From low cost foam mattresses to luxurious pocket sprung varieties, there is quite a range to choose from.

Foam mattresses are the cheapest option, and are usually lightweight and come with a PVC cover, making them easy to clean.

Sprung or pocket sprung mattresses are made of coiled springs, and are said to give your baby more support.

Natural fiber mattresses are, as the name suggests, filled with natural materials such as coconut. These are ideal for parents who are concerned about their little one sleeping on synthetic materials.

Anti-allergy of hypoallergenic cotbed mattresses include a removable top layer, allowing them to be washed at a high temperature to kill bugs and dust mites. This can make a real difference to babies suffering from asthma or eczema.

However, in terms of your baby's safety, all mattresses are pretty much the same. As long as it's firm, in good condition, and fits the cot without any gaps, a foam mattress is just as safe as a pocket sprung mattress at four times the price.

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