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Should I buy a duvet for my baby's cot or are blankets better?

Baby duvets have developed something of a bad reputation in recent years. Some mothers run screaming at the merest sight of one.

The truth is that cotbed duvets are perfectly safe for your little one provided she is at least twelve months old. Young babies tend to overheat very easily, and they are just too little to do anything about it. Even a thin duvet can increase the chances of this happening.

There is also a risk of suffocation if a duvet is used too early in a baby's life because she can slip underneath its bedding very easily. A duvet can also be too heavy for a baby to cope with.

But after a year or so, you can safety replace your baby's sheets and blankets with a thin duvet. There is no overwhelming reason to do so. It's really just a personal choice. Some mothers like to get their little ones used to a duvet at an early age to make the eventual transition to a grown up bed as smooth as possible.

When you do buy a cot duvet for your baby make sure it's 100% washable. You may also want to opt for an anti-allergy duvet to help prevent conditions such as eczema and asthma.

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