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Where can I find a cheap deal on a cot or cotbed for my baby?

There are two paths to finding a cheap cot or cotbed. You can ether shop around for the best possible deal, or you can buy a second hand one.

Finding a cheap cot on the high street is probably more attributable to luck than anything else. Stores have sales throughout the year, and heavily discount items as they approach the end of their product life. If you're lucky enough to be looking for a cot at this time, you will not doubt pick up a bargain.

Mothercare is sometimes good for finding a cheap cot but often your local independent baby store will offer better deals. They are also more likely to negotiate on price.

Buying a second hand cot may fill some patents with dread but as long as you stick to a few rules, you can pick up a safe, stylish cot for a fraction of the price. Firstly, thoroughly check the cot for defects and damage. Secondly, make sure the bars are spaced within the recommended guidelines of no more than 6.5cm. And finally, be cautious of very old cots as they may not comply with current safety standards.

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