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Should I buy a cotbed nappy changer, are they safe, and how much do they cost?

A cotbed changer is essentially a piece of wood or plastic that sits on top of your baby's cot. You simply place your little on on the changer and change her nappy.

The benefits of a cot changer is that you don't need to crouch or kneel on the floor to deal with your baby's dirty diaper. If you have a small nursery, it's also a great space saver.

However, there are a number of drawbacks of cot changers. Firstly, changing a dirty nappy close to your baby's bed can be unhygienic. It's very easy to drop or knock items off the change and into the cot.

Secondly, baby boys have a tendency to urinate like a fountain at changing time. Do you really want urine all over your cotbed?

And finally, you won't always change your little one's nappy in her nursery. Sometime she'll be downstairs, or maybe in someone else's house. Invariably, you will still change your baby's nappy on the floor half the time.

If you can afford a cotbed changer, then great. But in truth it's another of those unessential items that modern mums are being advised to buy.

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