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Do I need a bumper for my baby's cotbed, and are they safe?

There are an ever increasing number of products designed for your baby. Some are essential, some are unnecessary but most lie somewhere in between.

One such product is the cot bumper. These soft pads tie to the side of a cotbed to protect your baby from the hard ends. A baby can easily bruise herself by banging her head or arms against the sides of a cot.

The other reason for purchasing a cot bed bumper is simply because they look nice. Mums rarely need an excuse to buy something cute, frilly or pretty.

However, baby bumpers are not without their potential problems. Firstly, there is a risk of suffocation or strangulation if they become loose. Secondly, as they reduce the flow of air into the cot, they can increase the risk of your baby overheating. And finally, once a baby becomes more mobile she may be able to use the bumper as a platform to climb up on.

If you do decide to buy a crib bumper, make sure it has the BSI number 1877-10:1997. You're unlikely to find one for sale on the high street without it, but you can never be over careful when it comes to the safety of your baby.

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