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Bullying is one of the worst experiences your child can face. At best it can be unpleasant and upsetting. At worst it can lead to serious problems, which in some cases can prove fatal. So how can you tell if your child is being bullied? The key signs to look out for are as follows...

1. Suddenly asking for money

Often this is because the bully has threatened them with violence unless they pay them a certain amount of money. Similarly, you should watch out for your child spending his pocket money very quickly but with nothing to show for it.

2. Not wanting to go to school

Most bullying takes place in a school environment so it's only natural that a bullied child will not want to go. Another sign is if he begins to play truant or seems to suddenly become ill in the mornings.

3. Performing badly at school

If the bullying is taking place at school this will probably become the victims least favourite place in the world. It is no wonder his school work may become effected.

4. Developing unexplained cuts and bruises

Even the clumsiest child can only fall over so many times.

5. Becoming aggressive to younger children

It is very common for a bullied child to develop a bullying nature of their own, particularly brothers and sisters

6. Constantly losing schoolbooks and possessions

The typical bully will often take things from his victim, sometimes as a trophy, other times simply beacuse he wants to.

7. A loss of appetite

Being bullied is an incredibly distressing experience for a child. A loss of interest in food and pretty much everything else is a classic sign of a serious problem.

8. Having nightmares

Bullying can cause bad dreams even amongst older children. It is often at night time when the child is alone in bed that they feel most vulnerable. It is not uncommon for the child to redevelop the fear of the dark they suffered from when they were much younger.

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