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My daughter will soon need her first bra - what can I do to help her?

Too many women in the UK underestimate the importance of their bra. This mistake is bad enough in fully grown women but in young girls it's infinitely worse.

When the time comes for a girl to step into the world of breasts and bras, she really does need a great deal of help and support from her mother (or another female in her family). Not only can this be difficult period for young girls, but bad habits formed now will often lead to real problems in later life.

With this in mind, four of the most important bra points to remember are as follows:

Get it fitted properly
More than three quarters of women and teenage girls are wearing the wrong size of bra. Not only can this cause back and posture problems but it can adversely effect confidence, particularly in young girls. Take your daughter to be properly measured and fitted. She really will thank you for it.

Keep up to date
A teenage girl’s bust can grow very quickly. It's not uncommon for a girl to grow too big for a bra just a few weeks buying it. Despite the cost, you must keep up to date with your daughter’s development and always ensure her bras fit properly.

Remember the sports bra
Even at a young age, a woman’s breast is susceptible to stretching and drooping. There are no muscles in the breast so any rigorous movement can cause permanent sagging. Much of this excessive movement comes during exercise, hence the reason for a sports bra to hold and support the breasts properly. Make sure she has one for PE and any sporting activities she takes part in.

Putting a bra on
In case you’ve forgotten, the best way to put on a bra is to position the bra with the catch to the front, then turn it around by slipping your arms through the straps, before leaning forward to lower your breasts into the cups and finally sliding the straps onto your shoulders.

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