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Accurate success rates for intrauterine insemination are difficult to quantify as each individual case can be so different. One couple may have three times more chance of falling pregnant through IUI than the next.

However, if you take an overall average, the success rate of artificial insemination is somewhere in the region of 15-20% per cycle. It is estimated that around 65% of couples achieve pregnancy after six cycles of the treatment.

Success rates depend on a number of factors, but the woman's age is by far the most significant. For women under the age of 35, intrauterine insemination rates are well over 15%, sometimes in excess of 25%. Success rates drop down to around 10% for women aged between 35-39. Only 6% of women aged aged between 40-42 will receive successful artificial insemination treatment after one cycle. IUI success rates for women aged between 43-45 drops to just over 1%. If you are over 45, the chances of successful treatment are sadly remote.

Other factor that impacts the probability of successful artificial insemination treatment include:

The cause of infertility - different reasons for a couples infertility have greater or less impact on their chances of success.

Endometriosis (where small pieces of the womb lining are found outside the womb) - the presence of endometriosis reduces the success rates to almost zero.

Length of infertility - the longer the period of infertility the less chance of successful treatment. Endometriosis

Sperm quality - IUI success rates can be dramatically affected by a poor sperm count or a lack of sperm mobility.

Advances in fertility technology and the ever improving levels of clinical expertise are bringing about a gradual increase in artificial insemination success rates year after year. The treatment will never be the answer to every couple's fertility problems but it does give hope to thousands of people who are desperate to start a family.

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