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A pregnancy resulting from intrauterine insemination fertility treatment will be no different from one achieved naturally. Once the egg is fertilised in artificial insemination, it grows and develops in exactly the same way as an egg fertilised through sexual intercourse.

Perhaps the only difference IUI pregnancies may have, is the increased chance of multiple births, assuming stimulation drugs are used. These drugs help encourage the production of eggs in the woman's uterus but they can also cause the development of multiple eggs, leading to the birth of twins or triplets.

You will experience the same unfortunate conditions during an artificial insemination pregnancy as you would during a normal pregnancy. Morning sickness may be the first issue you need to endure. It usually occurs by the fourth week and typically lasts until the twelfth or thirteen week. Some women experience sickness throughout the day, whereas other women suffer from no sickness whatsoever.

You may also experience constipation during an IUI pregnancy as increased progesterone levels in the body slows down food as it passes through the digestive system. As it slows, the food absorbs more water, hardens and becomes more difficult to pass.

As with a normal pregnancy, you may also heartburn, fatigue, headaches and spells of dizziness during an artificial insemination pregnancy. This is perfectly normal but if you are concerned, don't hesitate to contact your local GP or midwife.

An intrauterine insemination pregnancy may also cause the usual increased rate of urination, breast changes, vaginal discharge changes, and sleep disturbances, that pregnant women typically endure. This can all be a lot to deal with but as soon as you set eyes on your new baby, the difficulties and challenges you faced during pregnancy will be nothing but a distant memory.

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