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The NHS provide artificial insemination treatment to thousands of couples each year. However, not all Primary Care Trusts provide funding for the procedures, and those that do can have very lengthy waiting lists. This is why many couples in the UK choose to have IUI treatment at a private fertility clinic.

You'll find private fertility clinics throughout the UK offering a range of treatments including intrauterine insemination. Costs can vary from clinic to clinic but expect to pay from 500 to 1,000 for each cycle of treatment. When you are looking at clinic prices, always make sure you are comparing like with like. The prices quoted by some clinics may include aspects of the treatment that other clinics don't. The main points to check for are the cost of investigation and diagnosis, the cost of drug therapy, and the cost of any hospital stay required.

There are a number of recommended IUI clinics in the UK from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland to Plymouth in the south of England. Two of the best in England are The Bridge Centre in London and Manchester Fertility Services at the Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester. For artificial insemination in Ireland, try Origin Fertility Care in Belfast or the SIMS IVF Clinic in Dublin. Clinics in Wales include IVFWales Fertility Centre in Cardiff and the The London Women's Clinic in Swansea. And finally for artificial insemination in Scotland, the Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine and the Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital both come highly recommenced.

When choosing an intrauterine insemination clinic it's important to do as much research as you can. Don't automatically choose the cheapest deal as this may be a sign of inferior treatment. But don't assume that the most expensive clinic is necessarily the best. Although price can be an indication of quality, sometimes a clinic can be expensive simply because of it's postcode.

It's also worth remembering that you can pay for artificial insemination treatment at your local hospital as well as at a private clinic. Many NHS hospitals accept paitents on a private basis. Intrauterine insemination prices are similar to those found in private clinics, although occasionally a little cheaper.

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