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What happens after I have IVF treatment, and when will I know if it has been successful?

After you have IVF treatment, you'll have to wait approximately fourteen days before you find out whether you've become pregnant. This waiting period can be a difficult time, and many women struggle to remain positive.

Anxiety can quickly take hold, leading to negative thoughts and depression. It's easy to convince yourself that the treatment hasn't worked.

However, it's paramount that you stay positive. Talk to your friends, family, or other women who have experienced IVF treatment for moral support and reassurance.

You should also follow your doctor's advice to the letter. It's essential that you fully relax during this two week period, and give your body the rest it needs.

You should do all you can to take this time off work. Stress can be one of your biggest enemies when trying to conceive. Even the low levels of stress associated with fairly relaxing jobs can adversely effect your chances of success.

It's also vitally important to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting during this two week period. You should avoid sunbathing and hot baths, as intense heat can have a negative effect. Sex, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are also not advisable during this crucial time.

Unfortunately, only approximately 30% of IVF cycles will prove successful. Coping with failed fertility treatment can be exceptionally difficult. It can seem like your dreams of starting a family are at an end.

However, failed infertility treatment isn't necessarily the end of the road. There are still several other avenues to pursue, the obvious of which being another cycle of treatment. Thousands of women go on to become mothers after an unsuccessful fertility procedure. Read more about your options after failed infertility treatment.

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