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Steve Jones is the criminally attractive Welsh television presenter who certainly has an eye for the ladies. From Channel 4's weekend entertainment programme T4, to presenting BBC's Lets Dance shows, he is always well worth watching.


Sex Appeal Rating

Steve Jones has the looks and and charm to go a long way in television. His fellow T4 presenter Vernon Kay has moved on to bigger and better things, and Steve has now started to follow. Big things could be in store for the Welsh hottie.


Looks: 81
Body: 68
Lifestyle: 62
Career: 60
Overall: 67

His Sexiest Moment

Steve's sexiest moment was probably when he interviewed Pamela Anderson on the programme T4. Steve started flirting outrageously, as he usually does, and Pamela clearly liked what she saw. The horny couple swapped tops live on air, and apparently continued the fun and games in a hotel room later that night.


Steve Jones Biography

Steve Jones was born in Glamorgan, Wales. His career in the entertainment world began when he was spotted by an agent from Esquire Magazine. Steve was offered the chance to become a model and he duly he accepted. As a result, Steve soon found himself traveling the world advertising everything from Armani to Pringles.

Steve made the natural progression from modeling to television by becoming the presenter of The Popfactory on HTV Wales. Four series later he moved up the entertainment ladder to C4 where he joined the presenting team on the music show T4. He is now in his third year on the popular weekend programme.

Steve Jones News

Latest news and gossip coming soon!

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