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Television actor Nigel Harman shot to fame as sexy Dennis Rickman in the BBC drama series Eastenders. He has now left Albert Square to try to further his career.

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Overall Rating

Nigel Harman is, or should we say was, the sexiest star in British soaps. His dark good looks and fantastic body added some much needed spice to dreary old Albert Square. He has recently decided to leave Walford to look for a new challenge. We wish him well.

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Looks: 85
Body: 90
Lifestyle: 85
Career: 75
Overall: 82


Nigel Harman was born in Purley, England on August 11th 1973. He made his screen debut aged just eight when he appeared in a stock cube commercial. In the years that followed, he worked mainly on stage in plays and musicals such as Mamma Mia.

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His Sexiest Moments

1. Finally getting it on with Sharon in the BBC drama series Eastenders. Thank goodness she wasn't his real sister.

2. Whenever he takes off his shirt on Eastenders. He really does have a lovely body.

3. Climbing into bed with Zoe Slater. How could he possibly prefer Sharon to this beautiful brunette?


Three Things You Never Knew

1. Nigel had a very small role in the movie A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) alongside Kevin Kline and Michelle Pfeiffer.

2. As a teenager he made several appearances in the tv comedy show Alas Smith & Jones.

3. He made his screen debut in the television series Tenko in 1984 at the tender ago of eleven

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