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Neighbours star given her own reality TV show

Stephanie gets her own show
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Neighbours actress Stephanie McIntosh is to appear in her very own reality television show.

Cameras will follow the popular actress, who plays Sky Mangel in the Australian soap, as she goes about her daily life.

Stephanie is excited by the documentary but not entirely comfortable with the format. She says, "I'm apprehensive about the documentary being so raw, expressing so much about who I am and what I do and showing so much of my life, but that's the risk I have to take."

Stephanie has also recently signed a record deal and is currently working on her debut album. However, she's determined not to become just another soap star turned pop star. She says, "I know everyone is going to think 'here we go again'. And I agree it's a cliché but I'm ready to prove myself.... I don't want to be predictable... I want people to be surprised when they hear the album."

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