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Gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio is regarded as one of the finest actors of his generation. From teen heartthrob, he has developed into one of Hollywood's most popular leading men.

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Overall Rating

Leonardo is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the sexiest celebrities in the world. His wonderful good looks have made him popular with women of all ages. However, he's much more than just a pretty face. He's also one of the most talented and wealthiest young actors in the world.

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Looks: 91
Body: 87
Lifestyle: 80
Career: 89
Overall: 88


Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born in Hollywood, USA on November 11th 1974. He was involved in the world of entertainment from a young age with appearances in many commercials and television shows. However, his big break came in 1993 when he was cast in the movie This Boy's Life.

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His Sexiest Moments

1. Portraying Howard Hughes in the film The Aviator (2004) as he seduces a series of women.

2. As the charismatic conman Frank Abagnale Jr. in the movie Catch Me If You Can (2002). He may have been breaking the law, but did he did it with such style.

3. Playing Jack Dawson in the biggest movie of all-time Titanic (1997). It may not be his best acting performance but it's one of his most endearing.


Three Things You Never Knew

1. His full name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. His father is Italian and his mother is German.

2. When he was a budding child actor, his agent advised him to change his name to Lenny Williams. Probably not the best advice he has ever been given.

2. His mum named him Leonardo because during her pregnancy, on a trip to Italy, Leo kicked her as she was stood in front of a Leonardo da Vinci painting.

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