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The English rugby union star Jonny Wilkinson on Women Republic with all the latest news, gossip and pictures plus a detailed look at his sex appeal.

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Jonny Wilkinson Biography

Jonny Peter Wilkinson was born in Surrey, England on May 25th 1979. He was a talented sportsman from a young age, playing tennis and cricket to a high level. However, it was his rugby abilities that would shape his life.

The former England rugby star Rob Andrew recognized Jonny's prestigious talents and signed him to club team Newcastle Falcons. After playing just 58 minutes of professional rugby, Jonny received a call informing him had been selected to play for England. The eighteen year old made his international debut in 1998 and by the end of 2003 he had scored a record 817 points in just 52 matches.

In 2003 he helped England win the Rugby World Cup beating Australia in the final. He was rewarded with an O.B.E and the adulation of millions of rugby fans throughout the country. Jonny was suddenly rugby's very own David Beckham.


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A biography of the sports star Jonny Wilkinson

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