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The sexiest male stars in the world

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Top 10 Hollywood Hunks
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1. Brad Pitt
Is there anyone sexier in the whole world? Just look at him! And if all that wasn't enough, he's now single and available. Start forming a queue girls.

More Brad Pitt  Brad Pitt Sex Appeal  Brad Pitt Biogrpahy

2. George Clooney
Gorgeous George moved effortlessly from ER to movie superstar. Even if he was no oil painting, his overpowering charm would still get him on this chart.

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3. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp has been one of the most desirable men in movies for almost twenty years. Good looking, intelligent, gsoh - does it get any better?

More Johnny Depp  Johnny Depp Sex Appeal  Johnny Depp Biogrpahy

4. Orlando Bloom
The sexiest British actor on our screens today. From blonde haired Legolas in the Lord of The Rings to his regular dark looks - he's blooming gorgeous!

More Orlando Bloom  Orlando Bloom Sex Appeal  Orlando Bloom Biogrpahy

5. Tom Cruise
Handsome, multimillionaire, family orientated film legend seeks lady for long term relationship. What does Katie Holmes see in him?

More Tom Cruise  Tom Cruise Sex Appeal  Tom Cruise Biogrpahy

6. Leonardo DiCaprio
For years he was the idol of teen girls throughout the world but with movies such as The Aviator he has become a genuine leading man.

More Leonardo DiCaprio  Leonardo DiCaprio Sex Appeal  Leonardo DiCaprio Biogrpahy

7. Mel Gibson
He's always been a superstar adored by millions. But now he's arguably the most powerful man in Hollywood and he made Jesus popular again.

More Brad Pitt  Mel Gibson Sex Appeal  Mel Gibson Biogrpahy

8. Colin Farrell
We love a bad boy, don't we? And they don't come much badder than foul mouthed, womanizing, fast living Mr Farrell.

More Colin Farrell  Colin Farrell Sex Appeal  Colin Farrell Biogrpahy

9. Clive Owen
Clive Owen has finally become the sexy superstar we all thought he was going to be fifteen years ago. But good things really do come to those who wait.

More Clive Owen  Clive Owen Sex Appeal  Clive Owen Biogrpahy

10. Pierce Brosnan
His James Bond days may be over but this smooth operator still remains head and shoulders above most of the younger pretenders at his heels.

More Pierce Brosnan  Pierce Brosnan Sex Appeal  Pierce Brosnan Biogrpahy

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