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Hollyoaks History

Hollyoaks was first broadcast in 1995 and originally centred round the local higher education Community College. This was intended to appeal to the show's target audience of 16-24 year olds.

SInce then, Hollyoaks has become more of a general soap opera, encompassing all aspects of life in the frictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks.

Hollyoaks currently broadcasts at 6:30pm every weekday on Channel 4 with an omnibus edition on Sundays. On the digital channel E4 you can see the next episode immediately after the Channel 4 episode.

Several Hollyoaks late night episodes have been made, and a short lived spin off series Hollyoaks: Let Loose was shown in early 2006. A new subsidiary show is expected in the next few months, to be called Hollyoaks: In The City.

This week on Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks Latest News

Sarah Dunn to say goodbye to Hollyoaks
Rochelle Gadd to appear in Doctor Who
Kym Marsh and Philip Olivier join Hollyoaks spin off show
Family Affairs hunk joins Hollyoaks
Chris Fountain receives three Soap Award nominations
Former Hollyoaks star Alex Carter makes his Emmerdale debut

Hollyoaks Top 5 Characters

Like most soaps, Hollyoaks employs a conveyer belt of characters. Every few months, someone will leave the fictional Chester village or somebody new will arrive.

However, there are several long established characters who have become the foundations of the show. Arguably the five most popular of these individuals are as follows:

Mandy Hutchinson - played by beautiful actress Sarah Dunn, Mandy has grown from a troubled schoolgirl to a well grounded married mother-of-one. Her husband is Tony Hutchinson and the couple had a lovely baby Grace. Sadly, the infant died in a recent episode.

Tony Hutchinson - wonderfully played by Nick Pickard, Tony is the only original character still in the show. Tony is married to Mandy and is perhaps the main source of humour on the soap.

Max Cunningham - played by Matt Littler, Max has matured from a cheeky teenager into a sensible, responsible young man. After his father's death, he took over the local store and helps care for his half-brother Tom.

Jake Dean - played by Kevin Sacre, Jake is the hard working eldest child of the Dean family. He is still married to Becca despite having an affair with Lisa Hunter last year.

Becca Dean - played by Ali Bastian, Becca is the wife of Jake Dean. Their marriage has always been strained, and recently she began an affair with Justin Burton, one of the students she teaches at the local Secondary school.

Hollyoaks Home

Out & About in Hollyoaks

The daily coming and goings in Hollyoaks revolve around the seven main businesses and establishments in the fictional village. These magnificent seven are:

The Dog In The Pond - often referred to as The Dog, this is the traditional village pub, frequented by a cross section of Hollyoaks residents.

Hollyoaks Community College (HCC) - the local higher education college where many of Hollyoaks characters study.

SU Bar - the Hollyoaks student bar that quenches the thirst of the kids at Hollyoaks Community College.

The Loft - the local nightclub currently run by Mx and OB.

Il Gnosh - essentially just the local cafe, although owner Tony Hutchinson would argue it's much more refined than that.

Drive 'n' Buy - the Hollyoaks convenience store that sells everything you could possibly want.

Evissa - formerly the Pit stop and the Chemist, this is now a beauty salon owned by Sean Kennedy.

Hollyoaks Cast List

Gemma Atkinson --- Lisa Hunter (2001-2005)
Christina Baily --- Dannii Carbone (2004-2005)
Kate Baines --- Beth Morgan (2001-2002)
Yasmin Bannerman --- Maddie Parker (1995-1997)
Sarah Baxendale --- Ellie Hunter Mills (2002-2005)
Adam Booth --- Darren Osborne (1995-1997)
Stefan Booth --- Jamie Nash (2001-2002)
Kim Bourelle --- Bella Manning (2004-2005)
Darren Bransford --- Nick O'Connor (2001-2004)

Full Hollyoaks Cast List

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