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Gavin Henson is the Welsh rugby union player who has become one of hottest new stars in sport. He is well known for his relationship to angel voiced pop star Charlotte Church.

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Overall Rating

Gavin just pips Jonny Wilkinson to the title of hottest rugby player in the world. The spiky haired Welsh dragon may look a little like Elvis facially but their bodies couldn't be more different. Just ask Charlotte. The boy has more muscles than a seafood restaurant.

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Looks: 88
Body: 96
Lifestyle: 85
Career: 75
Overall: 82


Gavin Lloyd Henson was born on February 1st 1982 in Bridgend, Wales. His father, Alan Henson, captained Welsh rugby team Maesteg, so it was no surprise when Gavin began to show a talent for the game at school. He joined Swansea RFC at the age of 18 and made an instant impact.

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His Sexiest Moments

1. Any of the numerous times he's be photographed on the beach with his shirt off.

2. Attending a James Bond related fashion show wearing a sexy tuxedo in 2005 with girlfriend Charlotte Church. You may have seen the pictures in OK! or Hello.

3. Whenever he runs onto the rugby pitch in those little white shorts that show off his gorgeous thighs and calves.


Three Things You Never Knew

1. He admits to shaving his legs and using fake tan by the bucket load. When the end result looks as good as Gavin does, we're not going to tell him to stop.

2. Gavin stands exactly 6ft tall and weighs in at just over fifteen stone of solid muscle.

3. He made his international debut for Wales against Japan in 2001 aged just nineteen years old

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