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If you've seen those Calvin Klein underwear pictures you'll know all about Freddie Ljungberg If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing. Freddie is the former Arsenal and Sweden footballer with the shaved head and impressively toned body.


Sex Appeal Rating

He's short, he's bald and he's from Sweden. However, Freddie has defied all the odds and established himself as something of a sex symbol, for both boys and girls. And if you take a look at the picture above, you can probably see why.


Looks: 61
Body: 77
Lifestyle: 60
Career: 59
Overall: 61

His Sexiest Moment

Freddie looks pretty appealing running around in his little football strip but his sexiest moment has to be those Calvin Klein advertisements. Very few men have ever looked this good in a small pair of pants. If only there was a video to go with the pictures.


Freddie Ljungberg Biography

Karl Fredrik Ljungberg, better known as Freddie Ljungberg, was born on April 16th 1977 in Vittsjö, Sweden. Freddie began his football career with Swedish side Halmstads before joining Arsenal in September 1998 for £3m.

Since then, he and has made 265 first team appearances, scoring 68 goals. During his time, Freddie helped Arsenal win two Premiership titles and there FA Cups (2002, 2003 and 2005). Freddie has also represented his country, Sweden, on more than fifty occasions.

In 2003 Freddie became one of the most famous male models in Europe when he signed a deal with Calvin Klein to advertise their underwear. The campaign was a huge success and CK underwear sales rose by 25% in the twelve months that followed.

Freddie Ljungberg News

Latest news and gossip coming soon!

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The footballer Freddie Ljungberg

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