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A woman's guide to the Irish actor Colin Farrell from movies such as Alexander, Phone Booth and Miami Vice. We examine all aspects of Colin's looks, career and personality to give him an overall celebrity sex appeal rating.

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Looks: 94 | Arguably even better looking than Brad and George.
Body: 91 | Not the biggest but oh so perfectly formed.
Lifestyle: 87 | As wild as they come but you can't help but love him.
Career: 90 | Alexander may have misfired but Colin's still red hot in Hollywood.
Overall: 91 | Could eventually replace Brad Pitt as the sexiest man in the world.



Fancy a date with the devil? All you need is Colin Farrell’s phone number. The incredibly good looking Irish actor has more than a touch of the dark side about him. His beautiful baby browns can flip from vulnerable to mischievous literally in the blink of an eye.



Colin may a be a little on the short side for some women but he has a lovely toned body with definition in all the right places. He's not the type of guy to spend hours in the gym sculpting his physique, probably because he doesn't need to. He has a naturally slim body shape, and much like Paul Newman he's unlikely to pile on the pounds.



If you're a little bit conservative you're not going to like Mr Farrell. He drinks, he smokes, he admits to doing drugs and he seems to be trying to sleep with every woman in the world. However, despite all that, he's not a bad man. All he's doing is having fun and as long as he doesn't hurt anyone, who are we to condemn him?



For a Boyzone reject, Colin has done pretty damn well. The majority of his movies in the last few years have been very successful but his career did suffer a blow when Alexander (2005) performed terribly at the box office. However, Colin is simply too talented for one misfire to derail him. As long as he stays within the boundaries of Hollywood's low levels of decency, he'll be just fine

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The sex appeal of Colin Farrell

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