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Colin Farrell Biography

Colin James Farrell was born in Castleknock, Dublin on May 31st 1976. He studied acting at the Gaiety School of Drama and soon after landed roles in popular television series Ballykissangel (1996) and Falling for a Dancer (1998).

In the years that followed, Colin appeared in movies such as The War Zone (1999) and Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000). However, his career was going nowhere fast. But all that was to change when film director Joel Schumacher cast him in the lead role of his new movie Tigerland (2000). The film didn't set the world alight but Colin's performance certainly did.

Colin soon built upon his new status as one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood with roles in Hart's War (2002) alongside Bruce Willis, Minority Report (2002) directed by Steven Spielberg, and Phone Booth (2002) teaming up with Joel Schumacher once again.

Since then Colin has further cemented his position on the Hollywood A-list with the movies S.W.A.T (2003) and The Recruit (2003). The Oliver Stone directed Alexander (2004) was a disappointment but the forthcoming big screen version of Miami Vice should more than make up for it. Colin as Crocket and Jamie Foxx as Tubbs - it's gonna be huge!

Colin Farrell Filmography

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A biography of Colin Farrell

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