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There are so many hot celebrity men to choose from, even compiling a list of the top 100 hunks can be quite a challange. Not every sexy actor, musician and sportsman can make the countdown so you may not agree with out selection. But, hopefully you can at least appreciate the fine male specimens we have chosen:

Celebrity Hunks: 1 to 50

01. Brad Pitt - getting older but still a Hollywood hottie.

02. George Clooney - Mr Smooth remains a delicious dish.

03. Colin Farrell - the Irish charmer with an eye for the ladies.

04. Johnny Depp - sexy moviestar who you'd love to take home.

05. Clive Owen - tall, dark and handsome English actor

06. Leonardo DiCaprio - the blonde haired beauty.

07. David Beckham - football and fashion God.

08. Russell Crowe - Aussie hunk who made it big.

09. Tom Cruise - small but very well formed.

10. Robbie Williams - music man with a sense of humour.

11. Orlando Bloom - gorgeous actor and now a proud father.

12. Justin Timberlake - singer, songwriter, actor, stud.

13. Duncan James - UK popstar who still turns heads.

14. Jude Law - super talented English actor.

15. Nigel Harman - sexy tv and stage actor.

16. Gavin Henson - Welsh rugby hunk

17. Jonny Wilkinson - English rugby superstar.

18. Jamie Foxx - one of Hollywood's finest.

19. Rob Lowe - one of the hottest actors in history.

20. David Walliams - funny man who recently got married.

21. Will Smith - big Willie style.

22. Jamie Oliver - food is the way to a woman's heart.

23. Mel Gibson - Aussie star who went a little bad.

24. Vernon Kay - English television presenter

25. Andrew Flintoff - English cricket legend

26. Matt McConaughey - the looks and the body.

27. Antonio Banderas - Spanish stud who's still got it.

28. Keanu Reeves - one of movies' hottest males.

29. Bruce Willis - no hair but still a fabulous man.

30. Goran Visnjic - ER actor who always sets pulses racing.

31. Christian Bale - Batman is best.

32. Ashton Kutcher - tall, handsome, and now with a great body.

33. Matthew Fox - the Lost star who is the definition of hunky man.

34. Viggo Mortensen - Lord of the Rings sexy star.

35. Pierce Brosnan - the best looking Bond.

36. Tom Welling - television hunk who really is super.

37. Simon Cowell - money, power, and he's pretty handsome too.

38. Matt Damon - hunk born out of Bourne.

39. Jared Leto - unbelievably handsome actor.

40. Hugh Grant - the quintessential Englishman

41. Julian McMahon - Nip/Tuck fantasy figure.

42. Jim Carrey - handsome funny man.

43. Enrique Iglesias - Spanish star who takes after his Dad.

44. Eric Bana - another hunk from down under.

45. Chris Martin - talented Coldplay singer

46. Richard Gere - still got it going on.

47. Owen Wilson - laughter goes a long way.

48. Hugh Jackman - one of the hottest males in movies.

49. Harrison Ford - the sexiest old man in Hollywood.

50. Ewan McGregor - the pride of Scotland.

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The Top 100 Male Celebrities

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