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Does the Zone Diet actually work and what does the eating plan involve?

One of the most popular weight loss plans in the UK, the Zone Diet has helped many women shift unwanted pounds. But will it work for you, and just how difficult is the plan to follow?

The aim of the Zone Diet is to make your body function at it's highest possible level of fat burning. And of course the more fat your body burns, the more weight you will lose.

Like many modern eating plans, the Zone diet identifies carbohydrate intake as one of the main causes of obesity. The Zone plan states that the average food breakdown of 55% carbs, 35% fat and 10% protein is unhealthy and will cause weight gain.

Instead, the Zone diet states that just 40% our daily calories should come from carbohydrates, 30% from fat and 30% from protein. This breakdown is said to be conducive to a high metabolic rate and reduced insulin levels, and therefore an increase in the levels of fat and calories burned.

Following such a eating plan will lead to weight loss because invariably you will be consuming fewer calories each day. But maintaining a diet consisting of 30% protein can be very difficult. Every meal must be calculated precisely to adhere to the 40:30:30 rule which can become tedious after a while.

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