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Does the weight watchers eating plan work, and what's involved?

The Weight Watchers brand is one of the most valuable in the dieting industry. Millions of women attend weekly meetings right across the world in an attempt to lose weight. And a significant number of them do just that.

The success of the Weight Watchers plan is primarily due to two reasons. Firstly, the programme encourages gradual weight loss through a healthy, balanced diet. And as we all know, this is the only true way to permanent weight loss.

Secondly, the weekly meetings provide essential motivation and support, helping you to stay positive and on the road to achieving your goals.

The Weight Watchers plan itself is based on a points system where every food is classified according to its fat, fibre and calorie content. You can effectively eat anything you like, as moderation and balance are the overriding principles. You can have a jam doughnut at lunch but you will need to eat very modestly during the rest of the day.

It's also well worth mentioning that weight watchers emphasizes the importance of regular exercise as well as a healthy diet. It promotes the idea that not only does exercise help you to lose more weight, but it helps you keep that weight off permanently. This may seem like a fairly obvious point but so many diet plans, and indeed dieters, choose to ignore it.

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Does Weight Watchers work

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