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Can you take too many vitamins and what happens if your do?

There have been many articles and much speculation about how too many vitamins can cause damage to your body.

Although, this is true to some degree for pregnant women, it's simply not the case for the rest of us. It would be almost impossible to take sufficient quantities of vitamins to do yourself any harm.

This is because the human body uses the nutrients it needs and excretes the rest. The only way you could cause any damage would be if you completely overloaded yourself with extremely high doses of one particular vitamin. You would need to find the strongest vitamin sold in the UK and take at least ten times the recommended daily quantity. If you're stupid enough to do this, then vitamin overdose is the least of your worries.

But what about the scare stories arise in the press about kidney disease and heart failure? The truth is they are stories, no more, no less. Not one reliable study exists that proves too many vitamins are bad for us.

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