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What are the benefits of stomach banding, and is it safer than other forms of bariatric surgery?

The obesity procedure known as stomach banding is simply another name for a gastric band. It involves the fitting of an adjustable band around the upper part of stomach to create a pouch which slows down the amount of food that can physically pass through.

Compared to other forms of bariatric treatment, such as a gastrointestinal bypass or a Biliopancreatic diversion, stomach banding is considerably lower risk. There is less chance of serious complications, no stomach cutting or stapling issues, and there is no fundamental alternation of the digestive system.

The banding procedure is also adjustable, and it can be reversed if the patient requires. Stomach banding also involves a much shorter stay in hospital. Some patients are home after just 36 hours.

As with all forms of obesity surgery, the main benefit of a stomach band is substantial weight loss. Results will vary from person to person, but 70% weight loss is not uncommon. The majority of this will occur in the first twelve months, after which losses will begin to slow.

As well as a slimmer body, you will be left with far healthier one too. Excess weight causes a myriad of health problems, many of which can greatly improve after stomach banding treatment.

Type II diabetes is perhaps the most important condition that can be addressed through surgery. Research shows that eight out of every ten gastric band patientsexperience at least significant improvement in diabetic control. Some patients even have complete resolution of their diabetes.

Other potential health benefits include:

- seven in ten patients are able to reduce to stop altogether their medication for high blood pressure.

- up to 90% of patients experience resolution of acid reflux.

- 70% of banding patients show major improvement or complete resolution of high cholesterol.

- liver disease is substantially improved or completely resolved in 80% of patients.

In most cases, stomach banding is a life changing procedure. Not only does the weight loss have a hugely beneficial impact on the patient's health, but it also gives them a whole new outlook. Increased energy and boosted confidence can really have a dramatic effect. Many patients credit the surgery for allowing them to live the life they're always wanted to.

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