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What does a gastric sleeve procedure involve?

A sleeve gastrectomy will be performed under a general anaesthetic, and will take approximately two hours to perform. The operation is usually carried out through key hole surgery, and typically requires a one to three night stay in hospital.

Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing 60% or more of the stomach, leaving only a small sleeve to act as the new stomach pouch. This sleeve extends from the natural stomach opening to the pyloric valve, and effectively reduces the overall size if the stomach.

In a gastric sleeve procedure, the cutaway part of the stomach is physically removed from the body. This means that, unlike gastric bypass surgery, a sleeve gastrectomy cannot be reversed.

However, a gastric sleeve is a less complicated operation than many other forms of obesity operation as the pyloric valve and small intestine are not manipulated. It also doesn't involve the insertion of any foreign body into the stomach, thereby reducing the risk of complications.

In some instances, a gastric sleeve operation may be followed by a gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgery several months later. This two step approach to obesity surgery can help reduce the risk of complications arising.

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