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How much does a gastric sleeve procedure cost?

You may be able to have gastric sleeve surgery on the NHS for free but waiting lists are notoriously long. This is why many women choose to have the operation at one of the many private clinics across the UK.

The cost of a gastric sleeve at a private hospital or obesity specialist can vary significantly from clinic to clinic. But on average, prices range from £8,000 to £10,000.

If the cost of UK treatment is too high for your budget, you can have sleeve gastrectomy abroad for considerably less. Savings of over 30% are possible in countries such as Brail, Mexico, India and the Czech Republic.

In the United States, the operation typically costs $10,000 which is still over 20% less than typical prices in the UK. However, once you include travel and accommodation costs, the savings aren't as impressive.

When you are choosing a clinic for a gastric sleeve or any other form of obesity surgery, it's important to base your decision on a range of factors, and not just price. Although, in many cases the cost of treatment may be a good indication of the quality of care provided, this isn't always the case. The prices of some private clinics may have more to do with their postcode rather than their level of service.

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