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What are the main gastric sleeve complications and side effects?

All forms of obesity surgery carry some degree of risk. Complications can arise and side effects can develop. Gastric sleeves are less risky than a gastric bypass or duodenal switch procedure, but there are still several things that can go wrong.

Perhaps, the biggest complication from a gastric sleeve operation is leaking from the stomach. Stomach acids can leak out of the small hole created during the procedure. These acids can cause serious infections and possibly permanent damage to the stomach and surrounding internal area.

Although, leakage cannot be fully prevented, you can reduce the likelihood of such a problem by using an experienced surgeon at a well regarded hospital. Often, a surgeon's skill and expertise can greatly improve your chances of problem free surgery.

Other possible gastric sleeve complications include incision infections and blood clots. There is also a possibility of weight gain over time, due to the stomach gradually stretching.

However, unlike other types of obesity treatment such as gastric banding surgery, no foreign objects are left in the body during the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Complications such as slippage or infection due to such objects are therefore avoided.

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