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How long and difficult will my recovery be from a gastric bypass operation?

In the first day or so after a gastric bypass operation, you may need to take pain relief tablets to help ease any discomfort you are experiencing. You will also need to wear special compression stockings to help maintain your circulation, and prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). You may also have a nasogastric tube fitted for the first day or two to keep your stomach pouch empty. on your lower leg.

After X-rays are taken to check everything is okay, you will usually be able to go home three to five days after your operation. Once at home, you will need a great deal of rest to allow your body to recover. You will need to carefully follow the instructions about caring for your wounds given to you by your medical practitioner

You will return to the hospital for a follow-up appointment where your surgeon will examine you to ensure everything is as it should be. This is the time to address any issues or queries you may be having about your recovery.

Most bypass patients can return to their normal activities after five weeks but care must still be taken to avoid doing too much. A bypass is a serious operation, from which your body needs time to adjust to and recover from. Always listen to the advice of your surgeon, and don't try to push you body too hard, too quickly.

You will need to continue your new diet beyond these five weeks, and indeed for the rest of your life. You will only be able to eat a few ounces of food at a time, and you must eat very slowly to keep it down.

Since your new stomach will be tiny you won't be able to drink for 30 minutes before and after you eat. There won't be room in your stomach for both drinks and solid food.

And finally, you may need to avoid sugary foods such as ice cream and soft drinks, as these can pass through your body too quickly and cause nausea and abdominal cramps. (dumping syndrome).

You may also need to have regular blood tests after your bypass operation to check your nutrition levels. One of the common side effects of the procedure is the development of deficiencies in certain key vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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