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The UK is home to some of the finest obesity clinics and bariatric specialists in Europe. Whether you life in Belfast, Cardiff, Newcastle or Glasgow, you will find an excellent weight loss centre near you.

Bariatrics treatment

Providing a range of treatments from stomach banding and sleeve gastrectomy to gastric balloons and gastrointestinal bypass, these clinics and hospitals can help address all your weight issues. Take a look at a selection of recommended bariatric and weight loss centres in your local area:

Clinics in England

1. Spire Manchester Hospital - a popular choice for bariatric surgery in England, with very high standards of care and treatment. Telephone 0161 232 2303.

2. BMI Beardwood Hospital - first rate clinic offering a range of obesity procedures including gastric banding. Highly recommended Lancashire medical centre. Telephone 01254 507607.

3. The Grosvenor Hospital - a Nuffield Health hospital in Chester with a good reputation for obesity treatment such as gastric balloons. Telephone 0117 987 2727.

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Clinics in Scotland

1. BMI Albyn Hospital - this independent Aberdeen hospital is one of Scotland's best clinics for obesity surgery. Treatments include gastric balloon, stomach banding, and sleeve gastrectomy. Telephone 01224 595993.

2. Spire Murrayfield Hospital - a first class Edinburgh based specialist providing gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass treatment. Highly recommended. Telephone 0131 316 2533.

3. Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital - a long established medical centre providing a range of bariatric procedures in a modern, comfortable setting. Telephone 0800 616267

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Clinics in Wales

1. The Vale Hospital - highly recommended provider of gastric balloon and stomach banding treatment in Cardiff. Competitive prices and free initial consultations. Telephone 029 2083 6700.

2. Nucleus Healthcare - based in Newport, this obesity specialist is a popular choice for the non-surgical gastric balloon procedure. Telephone 01633 815 900.

3. Spire Yale Hospital - an excellent choice for bariatric surgery in North and Mid wales with a full range of treatment available. Telephone 01978 291306.

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Clinics in Northern Ireland

1. The Hospital Group - a great choice for weight-loss procedures in Northern Ireland. choose from a range of procedures including gastric sleeve and gastric balloon. Telephone 0845 762 6727.

2. The Belfast Vita Clinic - one of the leading obesity specialists in the UK providing a range of treatment including stomach banding and gastrointestina bypass. Highly recommended. Telephone 08452 515 515.

3. Landauer Cosmetic Surgery - this plastic surgery specialist also provides high quality obesity treatment in Belfast. One of the largest organisations of it's type in the UK. Telephone 0844 335 6126.

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