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What are my options for having a gastric balloon in the UK?

You may be able to have a gastric balloon operation at your local NHS hospital in the UK. however, not all Primary Care Trusts provide full funding for weight loss surgery, and those that do, typically have very long waiting lists.

The three main requirement set out by NICE to determine suitably for obesity treatment on the NHS are as follows:

- your BMI indicates that you are obese.
- you are likely to develop a serious health condition as a result of your weight.
- you have explored other methods of weight loss such as dieting, exercise, slimming pills, and medication.

There are also numerous private clinics across the UK offering gastric balloon treatment. Prices range from £4,500 to £7,000, and levels of care are generally very high.

Most major cities in the UK have a specialist obesity clinic, or a cosmetic clinic providing weight loss treatment. Four of the best private clinics and hospitals are the Spire Manchester Hospital, Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital, Spire Cardiff Hospital, and The Belfast Vita Clinic.

Gastric balloon treatment ia also available abroad, where savings of over 40% can be made. However, choosing to have any form of medical treatment outside of the UK can increase your likelihood of receiving inferior treatment. It also makes after care somewhat difficult due to the travelling required.

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