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How much does a gastric balloon procedure cost in the UK?

You may be able to have gastric balloon surgery for free on the NHS in the UK. Although, the procedure is not referred to in the NICE guidelines for the management of obesity, a number of hospitals are now offering the weight loss operation.

However, as with all forms of obesity surgery, even if you do find an NHS hospital providing the procedure, you will be faced with a long wait for an available operation slot. Fortunately, you can have a gastric balloon at any number of private clinics across the UK. So how much does it cost?

Gastric balloon prices vary from clinic to clinic but you can expect to pay in the region of of £4,500 to £7,000 in the UK. For example, the cost of the operation at the recommended Hospital Group is just over 4,000. The equally well-regarded Transform clinics cost a little more with prices from 4,995.

If the cost of a gastric balloon in the UK is too high for your budget, you may want to consider having the procedure abroad. Prices can be significantly cheaper overseas, with savings of up to 40% not uncommon. However, medical tourism is not something to be taken lightly. There are a number of disadvantages of travelling abroad for medical treatment such as the increased risk of receiving inferior treatment.

When you are choosing a clinic for gastric balloon surgery, its important to base your decision on more than just price. Although, the cost of treatment can be good indication of the quality of care you will receive, this isn't always the case. A clinic may be expensive because of its postcode rather than any superiority of service it may provide.

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