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What are the alternatives to obesity surgery?

It's easy to forger that most weight reduction operations involve major surgery. As more and more people have such procedure, there is a tendency to think of them as routine procedures.

However, obesity surgery is both complex and potentially dangerous. Mortality rates are still above 1%, meaning than one out of every one hundred patients will die on the operating table or soon after the procedure.

It's therefore important to explore all other methods of losing weight before signing up for an obesity operation. So what are the main alternatives to gastric bands, gastric bypasses and biliopancreatic diversions?

The most obvious alternative is to eat less and exercise more. There is no mystery to losing weight. The vast majority of obesity is simply caused by consuming too many calories and not getting enough exercise.

However, for many overweight people this is no longer a viable alterative. For whatever reason, they cannot address their weight problem through such lifestyle choices. Fortunately, there are other possible paths to losing those excess pounds.

Diet pills and dieting medication may not be ideal solutions to obesity but there are preferable to surgery. Such drugs work by affecting the absorption of calories from the food consumed or by directly affecting the patient's metabolism. In many cases, dieting medication can help people finally gain control of their weight problem.

If you are considering obesity medication, always talk to you local doctor first. He will be able to advise you of, and possibly prescribe, the best medication to address your problem.

Another possible alternative to weight reduction surgery is therapy and hypnosis. Overeating is a problem that is often caused by the mind. Addressing certain issues in your life or your past, may be the key to finding a solution to your obesity problem. With a clear mind, many patients find that they now have the willpower and determination to lose weight without resorting to surgery.

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