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Is it cheaper to have weight loss surgery abroad, and what are the risks?

Medical tourism is an ever growing industry with patients willing to travel half way round the world for plastic surgery and weight loss treatment. You can now have a gastric band or bypass everywhere from India to Mexico.

The main reason for the dramatic increase in the number of Brits seeking medical treatment aboard is price. Private healthcare clinics in the UK are amongst the most expensive in the world. There are a number of counties in Europe, Asia and South America where prices are almost than half of those found in Great Britain.

It's also worth pointing out that medical standards in many such counties have greatly improved in recent years. For example, Brazil can boast a handful of clinics that are every bit as good as the most highly regarded private surgeries in the UK.

However, very few counties in the world can offer a similar overall standard of care as you will find in the UK. The medical industry in the UK is tightly regulated, so the vast majority of clinics and surgeons are of a high standard. By travelling aboard for obesity treatment, you are leaving this umbrella of care, and therefore the risks of receiving poor treatment may be greater.

This possible increased risk of something going wrong is particularly serious when the surgery involved is as major as a gastric band or gastric bypass. An inferior nose job may leave you looking a bit silly, but an inferior obesity procedure may leave you dead.

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