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The western world is getting fatter. As so many of us eat more, exercise less, and continue to make poor food choices, the obesity problems in the UK, the US and other developed countries continue to grow. It's therefore no surprise that the weight reduction surgery industry is booming. From gastric bands to sleeve gastrectomy, the operating table is increasingly seen as the answer to our obesity epidemic.

However, weight loss surgical procedures are not without risk. Some treatments are unable to offer mortality rates of better than 0.5%. And then of course there is the cost of treatment. If you're unable to have the procedure on the NHS, you may be looking at a bill in the region of £10,000.

But for the morbidly obese, the risks and cost can be absolutely worth it. Obesity surgery can be a life changing process. Indeed, it allows many patients to finally live the life they've always dreamt of.

Gastric band
What does a stomach banding operation involve? Find out about the costs and risks of gastric banding.

Biliopancreatic diversion
Am I suitable for a biliopancreatic diversion? A guide to this popular form of obesity treatment.

NHS obesity procedures
Can I have bariatric surgery on the NHS? Learn about the availability of weight reduction operations on the NHS.

How much do weight loss operation cost in the UK? Learn about typical prices in the UK and around the world.

Sleeve gastrectomy
What are the risks of a sleeve gastrectomy? Take a look at the potential side effects and complications of of this bariatric procedure.

Non-surgical alternatives
What are the alternatives to a weight reduction operation? Find out about the other methods of losing those excess pounds.

Treatment abroad
Should I consider having weight loss surgery abroad? Learn about the costs and risks of medical tourism.

Gastric balloon
How much does a gastric balloon cost? A guide to the typical prices and the main issues of this procedure.

Exclusion factors
Why might I be excluded from having a bariatrics operation? Find out about the reasons why you may be refused obesity treatment.

Recovery from a bypass
How long will my recovery be from a gastric bypass operation? Read about the typical recovery from a bypass procedure.

Frequently asked questions
What are the most asked surgical questions? Answers to the questions patients, or prospective patients, typically have.

Gastric stimulation
What does gastric stimulation involve? Find out if this non-surgical procedure is right for you.

Obesity clinics
How do I find a recommended bariatric centres? Take a look at stomach banding and gastrointestinal bypass specialist near you.

What are the main risks of bariatrics surgery? Find out the risks and complications of stomach bands and gastric balloons.

Cosmetic treatment
Will I need a cosmetic procedure after a weight reduction operation? How to deal with loose skin and stubborn pockets of fat.

Am I a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery? Learn about the criteria for having wight loss operations in the UK.

Treatment pain
Is obesity surgery painful? The pain experienced during and after bariatrics procedures.

Stomach banding
What are the main advantage of stomach banding? Take a look at the benefits of having a stomach band fitted.

Gastric bypass
What does a gastric bypass operation involve? Learn about the costs and risk of a gastrointestinal bypass.

Types of treatment
What are the main types of weight reduction treatment? Find out your options for bariatric procedures.

Elderly care
Is surgery suitable for older people? Take a look gastric bands and sleeve gastrectomy procedures for the elderly.

Can a teenager has an obesity operation in the UK? The rules regarding the treatment of obese teenagers.

Bypass side effects
What side effects might I experience after a gastrointestinal bypass? Learn about the potential risks of this procedure.

Bariatric surgeons
How do I find an obesity surgeon in the UK? Find recommended bariatrics specialists in the United Kingdom.

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