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Does the South Beach diet actually work, and what's involved?

If weight loss plans worked as well as they sounded, then the South Beach Diet would be the answer to all our prayers. We'd all love to be sitting in a bikini on South Beach in Miami without a care in the world.

But can the South Beach Diet help you to reach this utopian world? Does it really lead to permanent weight loss?

The main focus of the South Beach plan is the distinction between so called good and bad carbohydrates. The plan states that many carbohydrates, such as rice and whole grain pasta, are beneficial to the body, whereas carbs such as white bread and refined wheat are not. Such bad carbs should be heavily restricted to promote good health and sensible weight loss.

As the main bulk of the eating plan comprises lean meats, low-calorie dairy and a wide variety of vegetables, the South Beach diet is undoubtedly one of the more sensible and effective ways to lose weight. A healthy, balanced and easily followed diet is the only real way to permanent weight control. Other diets may help you lose weight quicker, but over the long term they simply don't work.

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